Dear Mark

Thank you very much for the extremely good moderation through the great days.
I have already experienced many similar conferences but never before such a great and entertaining moderation.

Best Regards from Germany


Mark is a complete professional in his way of dealing with motivation.

With great authenticity and energy, he manages to get everyone involved. A lecture with Mark never stops.

It has both the reflective value and the many small, concrete initiatives for everyday life that make it live on in the individual.

…….And then it doesn’t hurt that it simultaneously brings out the smile both during and after.

Jette Radich, Head of HR Commercial & Headquarter,
Salling Group A/S

Mark delivers!

The capital’s strongest business network (København Håndbold A/S) had the pleasure early on Friday morning of being inspired by Mark’s motivational presentation, which was adapted to our group of business people. Time flew because we were well entertained by the well-placed motivator. It was a great start to the day and many of us got a few things to think about over the weekend.

Mark gets my warmest recommendations.

Janni Møller Thomsen
Commercial CEO / København Håndbold

What Mark gave us was usable and marketable.

A really good kick-off for the whole group.

The lecture came at a very good time in relation to the day’s programme and provided a good starting point for the rest of the evening.

Mark is very professional and I have recommended him to others in my network.

Motivation is something we want to focus on in the future and we would like to work more on maintaining the motivation of our employees and in our business unit.

Gitte Schjøtt-Kristensen
Personal Assistant
SE Stab

Energinet Danmark

Mark really understood the target audience and had targeted his messages.

Gave good examples that could be understood, which means that the messages are taken seriously and motivates those involved.

Fantastic effect on the listener.

Mark used the response from the members to feel how they received his messages.

Used power point slides well as illustration.

Mark brought something to the day.

Mark was good at understanding who he was talking to.

It was not a standard lecture.

I have seen many who just run the standard and that was in no way the case with Mark.

Thomas Jöhncke
Head of Audi

“Oh no not a new one of those”.

These were the reactions of a few of our employees before the lecture with Mark Anthony. Afterwards, they came to me again and said that they had to withdraw their statement as it had been a completely unique experience.

Mark juggles very well between the Danish and English languages, and this is absolutely essential for us as part of an international group.

The lecture with Mark was a good starting point for the day and not least for the coming year. We must look forward.

Sanne Thinggaard
Area Account Manager

Janssen-Cilag A/S