About us

Mark Anthony

  • Motivational expert and advisor.
  • Motivational speaker

Mark is considered one of the leading capacities in Europe within the areas of Motivation and motivational Coaching.
Mark has worked with these 2 areas for almost 25 years. He has performed more than 7500 coaching and motivational sessions and has taught and spoken to 200.000 people nationally and internationally.

Mark has a unique ability to communicate and engage even very large and international groups of people making him a sought after speaker and motivator. As a customer once said about Mark:
”Mark is serious the funny way – and very funny the serious way!” There is a good reason why more and more people simply refer to him as Mr. Motivator.

Mark has developed the coaching concept Coaching Dynamics  and has in collaboration with Anne Klok developed the concepts Certified Motivator, Master Certified Motivator and Heartwork – World class Customer Service.


Anne Klok

  • Manager MotivationAnalyzer.com
  • Co-developer of theMotivation Analysis from MotivationAnalyzer.com.
  • Instructor and strategic advisor within the area of motivation.

Anne has worked with motivation as a strategic focus for 5 years. She has a background in international marketing and has studied at Universität Bern.
In collaboration with Mark, Anne has developed the concepts of Certified Motivator, Master Certified Motivator and Heartwork – World Class Customer Service.